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Oceana - The Scrolls of Tier'nah Ri

The Reign of Terror is over, the kingdoms of the reef are at peace, and Prince Jarroc is doing anything to avoid his responsibility as the Tivan heir. When a mysterious build-up of troops along Tivan’s border sends him pleading for help, Jarroc is thrust into a world of deception, murder, and ancient magic. Coerced by a color-changing warrior, a doddering librarian, and a mischievous thief, Jarroc is compelled to unleash his unwanted magic to battle an ancient evil. Meanwhile, Gwyn, his betrothed, is abducted. In her captivity, she learns of a plot to plunge the reef into a second Reign of Terror. Will they uncover the deception in time to prevent Oceana’s imminent destruction?  Ruthless pirates, unscrupulous mercenaries, and demons from the deep work to thwart their efforts.

Get this fast-paced fantasy adventure!

Here's what Amazon readers are saying:

Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2021

An action packed adventure under the sea where humans have evolved to live. Ancient magic, ancient evil and a battle to save the civilizations of Oceana. An engaging first novel in what promises to be a great series (I presume since the ending definitely leaves us hanging).

Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2021

amazing story!


Wings of Affliction

Linden lives in Valhalla, but it’s not the Valkyrie utopia of her father’s bedtime stories. This Valhalla is bad–very bad. The Trolls have taken over, and their heavy-handed oppression is strangling her world. After inflicting a mortal wound to her childhood enemy, Linden is forced to run for her life. In her desperation, she turns to Valhalla’s most notorious gang for refuge. Maeve, the leader and Linden's mentor, entrusts Linden with a mission to uncover the Trolls’ plan. Along the way, she encounters beasts from her father’s stories, including Fenrir the giant wolf and a silly raven named Munin. It’s on this trip she finds Starfyre, an ancient Valkyrie sword with power unlike anything she’s seen, even if wielding Starfyre comes with a price.


When Linden learns that her best friend has been captured by Troll slavers, she sets off with Fenrir, Munin, Starfyre, and a flighty companion named Mygg to find him. They plunge into a world that teeters between myth and reality; where violence is as pervasive as the mythology Linden tries so desperately to ignore. As Linden fights to save her friends, she is faced with painful truths about her parents, the mystery of her sexuality, and her skepticism for ancient beliefs. What she discovers is a twisted intrigue that only the likes of Odin could conjure.

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